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Colorado Sweet Gold, LLC is a subsidiary of the A.L. Gilbert Company, a family owned and operated company since 1892. Located in California’s central valley, A.L. Gilbert provides feed to dairies throughout Central and Northern California and produces pet, planting seed, and farm animal feeds. In recent years A.L. Gilbert has diversified immensely, acquiring the bird seed manufacturer Volkman Seed Company (est. 1863), establishing almond orchards and vineyards, and providing various services within the oil & gas industry at A.L. Gilbert’s Colorado Sweet Gold, LLC Industrial Park in Johnstown, CO.

Colorado Sweet Gold (CSG) was established in 1999 and originally operated until 2005 as a corn wet milling facility. In 2007, CSG began operating as an industrial facility and leasing portions of the property - land, buildings, and equipment, and there are currently 7 businesses from various sectors operating on or from CSG Industrial Park.

Since 2012 CSG has serviced the oil & gas industry, taking advantage of our prime location in the heart of the dynamic Northern Colorado economic region where vast new oil and natural gas reserves are driving the local economy to unprecedented levels.

CSG Industrial Park totals 279 acres, 62 of which have recently been annexed into the town of Johnstown. In coordination with town officials and local planners, these 62 acres are in the process of being developed into new residential and commercial neighborhoods, with a focus on the needs and wants of the local community, easy access to the new city center and close proximity to the proposed nature trail connecting Johnstown to nearby Milliken.

The remaining 80% of the property is currently used for a variety of purposes, from supporting our vibrant oil industry via two crude oil transloading stations and miles of track to grain elevators, heated warehousing,

automatic water loading stations, water storage facilities, liquid storage tanks, small business operating centers, a certified scale, and more. In addition, over 50 acres are in production as irrigated farm land. The north east corner of our property also houses Johnstown's electrical sub-station, providing reliable cost effective energy to CSG and the town of Johnstown.

Part of CSG’s 21st century mission is to invest in appropriate uses of our facilities to provide core resources for our regional partners. CSG is a modern company with old school principals and an entrepreneurial spirit. We believe that to be successful we must be able to adapt to the current environment while constantly seeking new opportunities, always aiming to optimize efficiency while maximizing returns and doing so without compromising our core values or integrity.

2 million gallon storage tanks

Colorado Sweet Gold Facilities

Railyard - Colorado Sweet Gold Industrial Park has over 2 miles of track serviced internally by two manned locomotives, connecting our transloading facilities, industrial buildings, bottom dump rail car conveyer, liquid storage tanks & grain elevators to Colorado's Great Western short line railroad, with connections to the Union Pacific & BNSF railroads.

Airport & Highway access – Located on State Highway 60 in Johnstown, just 6 miles East of Interstate 25 and 10 miles West of State Highway 85, Colorado Sweet Gold Industrial Park is a quick 48 minute drive from Denver International Airport. Twenty-five passenger airlines servicing the nations 5th largest airport provide easy access to almost any destination worldwide.

Electric Power - In the mid-1990s Xcel Energy partnered with Colorado Sweet Gold to build a new sub-station servicing both the town of Johnstown and CSG Industrial Park; with a total output of 64mW of power our facility enjoys ample, reliable power.

Water Sales -Through Colorado Big Thompson Water & Hillsborough Consolidated Ditch Company, Colorado Sweet Gold has the ability to meet the most demanding industrial and agricultural water needs.

Water Storage - Our storage ponds total 183 acre feet ensuring availability of water 24/7.

Water Loading - Colorado Sweet Gold facilities features two 600 gallon per minute automated water loading stations, easily accessible for truck loading.

City Utilities - The proximity of Colorado Sweet Gold Industrial Park to the city of Johnstown gives our industrial park the unique ability to offer city services including sewer service and city water supply reducing the up-front costs of establishing a presence at CSG Industrial Park.

Bottom dump railcar facility - CSG has a bottom dump off loading station capable of transferring dry bulk goods from rail car to tractor trailer rigs.

Grain elevator - A 750,000 bushel capacity grain elevator and ancillary equipment are in operation at Colorado Sweet Gold Industrial Park. This facility is under an exclusive lease until summer of 2019.

Liquid Storage Facility - Two, 1 million gallon storage tanks are currently available for lease in addition to one smaller 350,000 gallon liquid tank. All three tanks have rail and truck access.

Raw Ground - Over 100 acres of open ground are available for equipment and material storage, staging areas and irrigated crop land. CSG also offers longer term build to suit solutions.

Existing Structures - From a 3,020 square foot maintenance shop to 18,439 square feet of warehouse space, CSG has a variety of options available for lease. Many of these buildings are equipped with 3 phase 440v electricity and natural gas heat as well as offices and restrooms.

Build to suit - Build to suit - If one of our existing facilities doesn't completely fulfill your needs, please contact us via phone or email to discuss long term build to suit options..

Natural Gas - CSG enjoys the benefits of a natural gas supply capable of delivering 11 million BTUs per hour.

Colorado Sweet Gold Transloading Platform

Colorado Sweet Gold Operations

Support Services - Colorado Sweet Gold has an extended line of industrial support services. We have the infrastructure in place to get the job done. On site staff housing ensures high availability as well as a more secure facility.

Maintenance - Our in house maintenance team covers a wide range of common industrial needs; Welding, fabrication, tractor work and more.

Transloading - Two separate crude oil transloading stations are available and over two miles of railyard allow for the option of short term tank car storage. Three storage tanks totaling 2.3 million gallons are also available for times of limited rail car availability.

Manned Locomotives - CSG has two locomotives on site to perform rail car positioning, unit makeup of rail cars, etc.

Scalehouse - Our scalehouse is open 7 days a week. Monday through Friday 6am to 6pm, Saturday 11am through 5pm, and Sunday 6am through 5pm.

Work Force - From locomotive engineers to equipment operators, certified weigh masters, welders and office management personnel, Colorado Sweet Gold is proud to have an exceptional staff and organization in place to support our clientele.

Johnstown Colorado residential & commercial subdivision

Parish Annex

The Western most 62 acres of the Colorado Sweet Gold property have been annexed by the city of Johnstown. The master plan is currently under development, with provisions for both commercial and residential uses approved.

We wholly believe this development will be a great benefit to the people and town of Johnstown. The additional housing, services, and improvements will appeal to those who enjoy the atmosphere a small town provides while still benefiting from Johnstown's close proximity to larger, more metropolitan Colorado cities and their amenities. In a setting that's in touch with the region's natural beauty and with all the perks of urban communities, this is an ideal Northern Colorado location!

City Center - Directly across Parish Road from the annex, the city of Johnstown has recently completed the construction of their new town hall, police facility and library.

Nature Trail - Parish Annex is located near the proposed nature trail connecting Johnstown to nearby Milliken.

Phased Development - Following the master plan, development will proceed in a phased approach. Initial construction includes residential lots designed to provide easy access to Johnstown's new city center as well as the planned commercial portion of Parish Annex. Inquiries

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Dennis Trego - CSG General Manager

(970) 587-6528

Dennis Trego is the General Manager of Colorado Sweet Gold, his primary focus on business development. A part of the company since its inception in 1999, Dennis was previously employed from 1984 by the former property owners, Golden Technologies. Dennis’ in-depth knowledge of the property and facility as well as the environmental issues related to the site and operations is invaluable.

In management roles for approximately 30 years, Dennis was recognized for his expertise in his appointment by the Governor as a Commissioner on the Colorado Emergency Planning Commission. Additionally, the EPA honored Dennis with the Environmental Achievement Award for significantly reducing the use of hazardous substances at the facility. A graduate of Aims College, Dennis earned a business degree in 1979.

Holly Ravetz - CSG Operations Manager

(970) 692-6628

Holly Ravetz is the Operations & Office Manager at Colorado Sweet Gold overseeing everyday operations from crude transloading, customer service & communications to human resources, regulatory and clerical. Previously employed by Alltech Crop Science, Holly’s role as European Office Manager & Logistics Coordinator afforded her extensive international business experience in the areas of customer service & relations, quality control, logistics, supply chain and finance.

Holly graduated from University of California at Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Global Studies. She is fluent in Italian and speaks some Spanish and Icelandic.